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The Domestic Fowl Team

We are so thankful for Domestic Fowl to be made with an incredibly talented cast and crew that are dedicated to bringing this project to life! We come from a variety of different backgrounds and each possesses different strengths that will benefit this production. Take a peek below to read about the team that's making it happen!

The Cast

as Joan

Sarah Schmidt-McQuillan

Sarah is an actor, singer, and creator from Guelph, Ontario. She has just graduated from the Theatre Performance Program at George Brown College where she solidified her passion for theatre and found a new interest in the world of television and film. She is very excited to be learning about that new interest and bringing the story of Domestic Fowl to life alongside such interesting, creative, and talented people. Past credits include Sergeant in Low Pay? Don’t Pay! directed by Anand Rajaram and the leading role of Alex/DDL8609 in Jason Sherman’s newest play New World directed by Richard Rose both at GBTS.


Ethan Zuchkan

as Randy

Ethan Zuchkan is an actor based in Toronto, Ontario. Having recently graduated from the Theatre Performance Program of Toronto Metropolitan University, Ethan is interested in all facets of acting. Whether it’s film, theatre or television, he wants to try his hand at it ALL.


His most recent credits include the role of Jackson from “Hunger” at the Terra Firma Festival along with Moritz from “Spring Awakening” at TMU. He’s extremely grateful to be a part of Domestic Fowl and cannot wait to begin working with such a talented team!

Charlotte Salisbury

as Kim

Charlotte has just completed her Musical Theatre Degree at Queen’s University and is so excited to get to work on this project! She has been in a number of films, most notably Porcupine Lake directed by Ingrid Veninger, which premiered at TIFF. She loves films and can’t wait to get back on set!

Charlotte Headshot.png

as Andrew

Nathaniel Wood Fawcett

Nate Wood Fawcett is an Ontario-based actor involved in theatre since 2018. He attended Mayfield Secondary School for its Regional Arts Program, and was involved in a production of Les Misèrables, as well as acting in and directing NTS plays, among a multitude of other projects. He previously worked with Domestic Fowl’s Producer Jack Kukolic in One Last War, a 48 Hour Film Project. He is currently attending the University of Guelph, majoring in Theatre Studies and is very excited to be a part of this project!

Nate Wood Fawcett Headshot copy.jpg

The Crew

Emmy Pitschner

Co-Writer and Director

Emmy Pitschner is the Co-Writer and Co-Director of Domestic Fowl. Her love for stories about complex people and relationships is something that she is excited to bring to this project. Her previous work has been recognized as Best Narrative Film and Best Overall Film at the Forest City Youth Film Festival, and Best Canadian Film at Femme Fatale Film Festival.


Jack Kukolic


Jack Kukolic is the Producer of Domestic Fowl. He has been creating films from a very young age and runs his own photography and videography business while in school since he was 15. He has won awards for both his photography and film work in the past, including one short that was featured on Yahoo Finance for a competition it was entered into. In the past, Jack has both directed and produced a multitude of short films.


Kate Timmins

Production Designer

Kate Timmins is the Production Designer for Domestic Fowl and will be creating sets, props, and costumes. Kate has previously worked as a multimedia artist and as a production assistant on short films. This production will make great use of her skills and vast knowledge of arts and crafts. She hopes to create authentic scenery to the time period for an ultimately awesome result.


Taylor Mann

Co-Writer and Director

Taylor Mann is the Co-Writer and Co-Director of Domestic Fowl. She has worked throughout her life in the arts, including theatre, visual arts, and film. She looks forward to bringing this story to life through her knowledge of visual design and performance. Her work has been recognized in various festivals including the Charlie Award Film Festival and the All American Film Festival.


Brandon Wickson

Director of Photography

Brandon Wickson is the Director of Photography on Domestic Fowl and hopes to bring a picturesque and grounded quality to the 1980s heatwave farm look. His previous work includes several short films that range from surrealism and horror to documentaries and music videos.


Josh Duncan

Assistant Director

Josh Duncan is the Assistant Director for Domestic Fowl. His job as the 1st AD is to make sure production runs smoothly, safely, and on time. Josh has previous experience on multiple short films, feature films, television shows, and live broadcasts in various production roles, and he can’t wait to see this exciting project come together!


Magill Moyes

Production Manager

As the Production Manager for Domestic Fowl, Magill's organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail play an essential role in the pre-production aspects of our film. Magill has worked on numerous projects in various stages of development, but often specializes in overseeing and coordination roles. She looks forward to being able to aid in bringing Domestic Fowl to life!

Magill PM.PNG
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